People Suck

These past weeks have really emphasized the theme PEOPLE SUCK. It really boggles my brain, at a rapid pace, to watch people make decisions without considering the consequences- having 10 babies at 5, driving drunk, screwing up in school because you’re too busy partying it up, being lazy in general, making your children morbidly obese- just to name a few. YOUR ACTIONS AFFECT OTHER PEOPLE- they affect you, your family, your friends, and society as a whole. I don’t know if it’s the way parents are just raising their kids, Kesha telling us she just wants to screw around and not think about what’s gonna be after ‘this,’ or drake reppin’ YOLO- but whatever it is, people are becoming more stupid as the days go by. Being in the health care field, meeting lots of people who honestly need help and are not directly at fault for their mistakes/bad decisions, I can understand where these actions come from on their behalf- they get a pass because ignorance is the devil. But people who have been raised in a decent home, have had all the commodities one needs, and have had the LUXURY to go to school,  YOU HAVE NO EXCUSE. STOP having 573 kids and expecting us hardworking people to pay for them, STOP pounding shots and swirving your way home, STOP wasting your hardworking parents’ money or increasing your national debt by failing classes and going to Rutgers parties, STOP claiming unemployment while owning an IPAD and driving a 2013 vehicle, and STOP feeding your 1 year old Mcdonalds. It’s disgusting. Okay that’s my rant. Fewf.